Cardinal Diamond Blades for Soff-Cut Saws

In 2002, Cardinal Saws and Blades, of Conshohocken PA, developed a patented arbor for their own concrete cutting equipment that just happens to fit the arbor of a Soff-Cut saw.  The invention was a gift to the flatwork concrete industry because it finally allowed a legitimate second source of early entry diamond blades into the market that was previously dominated by Soff-Cut International.  Cardinal’s entry into this market triggered a series of lawsuits and legal motions by Soff-Cut in an attempt to intimidate and financially cripple their new competitor.  To those in the industry familiar with Soff-Cut and the diamond blade industry, this reaction from Soff-Cut was expected since they had become known as the bully of the marketplace.

Years have passed since the conflict started between Cardinal and Soff-Cut.  Soff-Cut has since been sold to equipment mogul Husqvarna.  Lucky for us, Cardinal’s patent was allowed to stand and Soff-Cut was handed one of its first legal defeats.  The gemstone (or diamond) shaped arbor, which allows it to be used on a Cardinal or Soff-Cut saw, is a trademark for the Cardinal blades.  They named their new diamond blade product line “Uppercut” after the upward cutting motion of their diamond blade and with reference to a solid “blow” their patent had on the market stronghold that Soff-Cut had previously ruled with an iron fist.

Cardinal has showed time after time that the Uppercut diamond products are more than a me-too product.  Sure, they have been able to develop a matching color coordinated product line with identical blade diameters, segment widths and bond hardness.  However, Cardinal has been able to surpass Soff-Cut in blade quality, life and cost.  The superior diamond assemblage used in the Uppercut blades make them 20% longer lasting than equivalent Soff-Cut products.  And, Cardinal is able to deliver this higher performing product at a cost at least 20% below that of the Soff-Cut pricing.

We at have been a strong supporter of Cardinal for many years.  We have been a distributor of their products and have used their products.  We can attest to their value.  To celebrate the impact Cardinal has made to our market, we are selling our entire inventory of standard thickness Uppercut Diamond Blades at deeply discounted pricing.

Special Pricing on Cardinal Saw Blades While Quantities Last

Size Our Price Cardinal List Soff-Cut List
5.5” x .095” $55 $76 $120
6” x .095” OUT OF STOCK $85 $105
8” x .10” $125 $151 $211
10” x .10” $160 $206 $299
12” x .12” $225 $257 $385
13.5” x .12” $258 $302 $453

Wide Soff-Cut Saw Blades continues to clean out the inventory it has in the far corners of the warehouse. Earlier, we found a bunch of Soff-Cut© brand Excel blades and skid plates. These were listed on the site. Now, we found a few wide Soff-Cut© paving blades that are 10” and 14” in diameter. The blade thicknesses are .250” and .375”. These are listed below with prices in lot quantities. Take a look our offering and save by taking advantage of this limited offer. takes Visa and MasterCard. Call 610-882-3630 to place your order today!

Lot 9 - 10 in. XL10S14-3000Lot 9 – Four (4) 10 inch Dia x 0.25” wide
Red blades w/ 3 skid plates

Lot 10 - 10 in. XL10S38-3000Lot 10 – One 10 inch Dia x 0.375” wide
Red blades w/o skid plates
Price: $315 Delivered

Lot 11 - 14in. XL14S14-4xx4Lot 11 – One 14 inch Dia x 0.25” wide
Orange blade w/ skid plate
Price: $375 plus S&H

Lot 12 - 14 in. XL14S38-3000Lot 12 – One 14 inch Dia x 0.375” wide
Red blade w/o skid plate
Price: $435 Delivered accepts Visa and MasterCard.  Call today to order one of the lots shown.

Joint Protectors for Early Entry Control Joint Cutting

Joint Protector Development

Early in the development of the early entry control joint cutting method, field personnel realized that concrete breaking occurs where two cut lines crossed – at the joint. If control joint cutting is not done at the proper time, the green concrete is too fragile and doesn’t have the tensile strength for the cross cut to be performed. The problem was resolved when someone had the idea of folding up a business card and jamming it into the first cut prior to the completion of the cross cut.

Thereafter, corrugated paper (cardboard) was placed at the cross cut. Contractors would find a cardboard box on the job site and have a laborer rip or cut it into small pieces so they could later shove it into the cross cut area of the control joint. This worked, but it was labor intensive. And, as cardboard thicknesses vary, this option was not consistent enough to become a standard practice. One thing led to another, and soon Soff-Cut began selling ½” x 2” cardboard joint protectors in packages of 150. They had two thicknesses: one size for the 0.100” width blade and another for the 0.120” blades.

One problem with cardboard is that it can absorb water. If the cardboard joint protector was placed in a crack too far ahead of the cross cutting action, it ran the risk of taking on moisture and losing the compression that it applied to the inside of the existing joint. It is this compressive force that keeps the green concrete in place (and from cracking) while the cross cutting action is taking place.

Thank God for plastic!! Corrugated plastic was found to be a better material for the joint protector. Like corrugated cardboard, it can be compressed and wants to rebound to the original shape. However, corrugated plastic, such as Coroplast, has better rebound in damp applications like green concrete cutting. Soff-Cut changed the design of the joint protector from cardboard to plastic. They decided on using a 3mm thick corrugated plastic for the 0.110 inch thick blades (5.0” to 10” diameter), and 5mm corrugated plastic for the 12’ and 13.5” standard blades. To differentiate the two sizes, Soff-Cut printed their logo in red for the 3mm and in blue for the 5mm. Good idea.

New Suppliers Enter the Market

EarlyCut Pro-Cutting Supplies was next into the Joint Protector marketplace with their product called “Brand X”. They manufactured a 3mm and a 4mm ½” x 2” product that came in packages of 144. The 3mm joint protectors were a solid red, while their thicker joint protector was 4mm and came in a solid blue. The 4mm size, used when cutting with 12” and 13.5” diameter blades, was felt to be a better size match. Soff-Cut’s 5mm joint protector had to be physically compressed to get the joint in the cut as the blade thinned with wear.

Brand X Joint Protectors

In the years that followed, other companies followed in bringing joint protectors to the marketplace, such as Cardinal Saws & Blades and Diamond Products. All of these products work well for the intended application. However, my favorite is the “Brand X” joint protector from EarlyCut Supplies. The name is awesome. The product packaging has better quality. The price can’t be beat. These guys are just Rebels!!!

Brand X Joint Protector Cases

Joint Protector Sale!!!!

While supplies last, I’m offering Brand X joint protectors at deeply discounted prices. Each bag contains 144 (one gross) joint protectors. Each case contains 12 bags. You get a case of your choice for $65.00, delivered. WOW!! That’s a dozen grosses. Imagine that! Let me put this in bold print for the disbelievers out there:

Joint Protectors for sale!!!

One Case (1728 pc.) of your choice of 3mm (red) or 4mm (blue) for only

$65.00 including shipping is doing their part to fight the poor economy. Now do your part…

Call 610-882-3630 and order your joint protectors today!!!

Excel Diamond Blades for Soff-Cut Saw

Soff-Cut International is one of many construction equipment companies owned by Husqvarna. Soff-Cut is located in Corona, California and is the manufacturer of a series of early entry concrete saws. Soff-Cut patented a process for cutting control joints, along with a number of aspects of their cutting equipment and diamond tools. One patented feature is the triangular offset hole in their diamond blades. Another patented feature is the skid plate assembly that comes with every new blade.

At, we have a limited supply of new Soff-Cut brand Excel diamond blades at discount prices. Many of these products are still in the original packaging. As these were purchased from distressed sources, the packaging may not always be perfect and the skid plates may not be available. We even have some slightly used product thrown in here and there. No matter, the blades are sold in lot quantities as shown below.

To purchase, choose the product grouping of your choice. Then, call at 610-882-3630. We take Visa or MasterCard. Review the product and descriptions below and let us know the product you want.

Lot 1 - 8 in. XL-2000

Lot 1 – Two (2) 8 inch Diameter
Green blades w/o skid plate
Price: $210 Delivered


Lot 2 - 10 in. XL-3000

Lot 2 – Two (2) 10 inch dia.
Red blades w/ skid plates.


Lot 3 - 10 in. XL-3000

Lot 3 – Three (3) 10 inch dia.
Red blades w/ skid plates.


Lot 4 - 10 in. XL-3000

Lot 4 – Three (3) 10 inch dia.
Red blades w/ 2 skid plates.


Lot 5 - 10 in. XP-100

Lot 5 – Three (3) 10 inch dia.
Red blades w/o skid plates. One blade shows slight use.


Lot 6 - 12 in. XL-5000

Lot 6 – Two (2) 12 inch dia.
Yellow blades w/ skid plates.


Lot 7 - 14 in. XL-5000

Lot 7 – Two (2) 14 inch diameter Yellow Soff-Cut Blades with Skid plates


Lot 8 - 14 in. XL-5000

Lot 8 – Three (3) 14 inch diameter Yellow Soff-Cut Blades with 2 Skid plates
Price: $679 plus S&H


To order, call at 610-882-3630. We take Visa or MasterCard.

Welcome to

This Web site is a discussion board about control joint cutting. The products and techniques used to control shrinkage cracks in newly placed concrete floors are varied. However, as the Web site name implies, we will be centered in the early entry cutting technology made popular by Soff-Cut© International.

The development of the early entry saw, used for cutting crack control joints, is as important in today’s construction market as is the development of the laser screed and high strength concrete. Today it is common for a 40-50,000 sq. ft floor to be poured in a single day. This is 4 to 5 times the size of a floor that the industry was capable of making thirty years ago. Without these developments we would not be able to place large slabs with the speed or cost that we can today.

Though we will be discussing issues centered in the flatwork concrete market, we will be focused on the Soff-Cut © company, their history, products, competitors and their reputation in the marketplace. While I have been familiar with this industry since the year 2000, I am not an expert by any means. I have experiences that can be shared, as do many other people. My hope is that we can all share in the discussion and learn something in the process.

We will also be advertising related items for sale on this site. All are welcome to place an ad, as long as they are associated with the control joint cutting industry. Diamond blades for Soff-Cut© saws, used equipment and spare parts can also be advertised here. If you’d like to purchase a particular piece of equipment, make a general request through this site. will help locate the product you need.