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Early Entry Pro-Cutting, a concrete cutting company, operated in eastern Pennsylvania during 2004 – 2012.  During that time, large warehouses were being built all over the United States and specialized labor was difficult to find.  The need to reduce production costs and keep finished slab quality high was an on-going struggle for medium and small size concrete contractors.  Early Entry Pro-Cutting found a niche in this market.

Control joint cutting required patience, mathematical aptitude, an understanding of how concrete cures and knowledge about cutting concrete.  It is one of the last processes in finishing a flat work project.  The lines you cut need to be straight.  Large concrete flat work pours require long hours.  After a long day of setting forms, laying vapor barrier and wire mesh, and then placing and troweling concrete, the concrete laborer was generally too tired to cut control joints.  That is when contractors would have Early Entry Pro-Cutting come in as the relief labor unit of the day.

Early Entry call 610-882-3630
Trailer used to carry concrete cutting equipment.

Early Entry Pro-Cutting developed green concrete cutting technologies such as a re-usable skid plate (patented as a Glide Plate) and laser technology to act as chalk lines.  The company owner was an engineer with advanced degrees in metallurgy and business.  The company was successful but life took it in another direction.

Early Entry Pro-Cutting moved west to Ohio in 2013 to focus on the drainage market.  SoffCutSaw.com was born to be used in an effort to sell all the company’s concrete cutting equipment that was accumulated during that  short life.  The website was a success in this regard and was then retired.

In 2020, SoffCutSaw.com has come back to life and is looking to aide contractors in buying and selling good used Soff-Cut equipment and accessories.  This website is used to showcase product so buyers and sellers can meet from across the country.  Contact Michael at 610-882-3630 for more information.  Email at Michael@soffCutSaw.com.

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