New Soff Cut Saw Model 4000 for Sale

Soff-Cut X4000 saw with Blade


Soff-Cut X4000 saw with Blade
This new saw comes with a blade and vacuum assist blade guard. has a Model X4000 “Orange Prowler” for sale in its offerings.  This is another new saw that is being liquidated by its previous owner due to Covid related hardships  He purchased this and one other saw from a distributor in Kansas City, Missouri; very close to Olathe, Kansas where the Soff Cut Saws are produced by Husqvarna.  Looking at the Tach/hour meter, you can see that there has been only 0.26 hours of use on the saw.  The bulk of the hours on this saw was on at the time of purchase from the dealership.  Again, The saw has never seen concrete.  Really!!  Photos of the hour meter, saw and serial number are shown below.

X4000 Husqvarna saw meter
Soff Cut Saw not even used. Low hour meter.

Soff Cut X4000 14″ Ultra Early Green Concrete Saw by Husqvarna

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4000 self-propelled gasoline saw is designed for heavy-duty commercial, industrial and paving applications. Features include a 20 hp twin-cylinder engine with overhead valves, heavy-duty air cleaner, electric start, full pressure lubrication, hydraulic valve lifters and a mechanical fuel pump. Three blade widths can be used, allowing different joint widths and crack control simultaneously.


  • Vacuum port now included
  • Designed for versatility, ease of use and high production capabilities
  • Three blade widths can be used, allowing for different joint widths and crack control simultaneously
  • Features include a 20.5 hp Kohler engine, halogen lighting system, electric remote key start, and a cyclone air cleaner to increase engine longevity
  • Recommended for medium to heavy-duty usage on highways, runways, commercial and industrial.

Soff Cut 4000 Parts List

Soff Cut 4000 Kohler Engine
New Soff Cut Saw with 20.5 Kohler Engine.

Back Story – The owner has listed this and one other saw for sale because of poor business climate.  Originally purchased in late 2019, these saws were supposed to be used in a few large control joint cutting projects in northwest Missouri.  For reasons that can only be described as poor economy, those jobs were postpone or cancelled.  Then came the winter season followed by Covid-19.  After a tough year, the owner has thrown in the towel and is trying to re-coup some of his losses.

Bonus:  With this saw, you will receive a 14 inch blades and skid plates. A $300 Value!!

Asking price for the Soff Cut X4000 is $13,500.  Freight is included in this price. will accept e-check, ACH payments and credit card using a secure pay portal.  For further questions, contact Michael at 610-882-3630 or email him at

X4000 Soff Cut Saw for Sale
Husqvarna Soff Cut 4000 for sale.
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